Drawing myself closer
spring 2024.

designed, printed, bound by hand.
original photos, illustrations, writings.
drawing myself closer, hugging myself.

My artistic journey commenced with the recognition that I’m often not fully present.
I began various explorations to cultivate mindfulness, focusing on moments in my daily life that I could genuinely appreciate. However, I found myself wondering why I was striving so hard to exclusively cherish warm and lovable moments. I realized because there are parts of me that I do not want to acknowledge and accept. I redirected my journey towards exploring different parts of myself that I had previously avoided.
This shift led me to the decision to metaphorically “hug” all the different parts of me encountered on this journey. I have concluded to give a metaphorical hug to all the different parts of myself. 
I am still on the journey of hugging myself.


still on my journey to hugging myself...